Attending: Matt Cooper, Joe Dowdle, Susan Hope, Sam King, Cathy O’Bryan, Angie Poole, Margie Reece, Jesse Schook, Tony Schurfranz, Tammy Stout, Ann Vest, Jennifer Vittitoe, Fr. Minh Vu, Robert Waddell, Robin Webb


Opening Prayer

Minutes – All are in favor; July Minutes approved.


 Financial Report – Carl Duncan

Brief report given by Tony Schurfranz.  About $10k under budget.  See bulletin for details.


Old Business

Ministry meetings are scheduled for September.


Bathroom Remodel

  • Derek Engineering (original church renovation contractors) came in for the first bid. Slight change to plans as a result of contractor insights which helped on cost.
  • Kelly Construction was unavailable. Will need two more contracting bids.
  • Send any contractor suggestions to Carl Duncan and he will coordinate with Joe Dowdle.
  • Goal to have all three bids by the end of September so that it can go to the Finance Committee for approval, then to Fr. Minh.


Parish Hall Position Open

  • Chairperson update – Talked to several people to fill position including Sherry Bramer, Butch Armett and Yvonne Dunagan.
  • Rentals have slowed due to COVID but picking up. Need to determine how much we want to rent the hall out to generate income to cover the expenses of the hall and to fulfill Fr. Minh’s mission for using the hall as part of the campus ministry.  Should we rent it out frequently or control in house?
  • Parish Hall Committee has diminished, but willing to help advise with rentals.
  • Need to update contracts – Cumbersome and not user-friendly. Need to make sure we are covered from a legal perspective.
  • Robert Waddell will call and offer Yvonne the events coordinator position with Sharon Bramer’s assistance.
  • A plaque/memorial was suggested to be placed in the Parish Hall to honor Bob Bramer.
  • Activities Planner – Suggestion included providing a sports internship at St. Athanasius to plan activities. Robin Webb to reach out to Bellarmine Athletics for a possible connection.


New Business

Billie Stopinski Retirement

  • Billie Stopinski will be retiring; Need to fill position for a Business Manager.
  • Minh will announce the open position following each Mass.
  • Dedicate a Mass to celebrate Billie Stopinski’s retirement with a coffee/doughnut reception to follow in the gym. Will provide her with a monetary gift.


Pastoral Installation (09/24/21 @ 6:30pm)

  • Made request through pastoral center to hold a pastor installation ceremony. Also, church dedication anniversary.
  • Mass will be held with a reception to follow in the gym with cake, punch, etc.
  • Archbishop Kurtz will be invited along with previous St. Athanasius pastors.
  • We will also celebrate the Archbishop’s (belated) birthday and early retirement.
  • Discussed inviting all parishioners to this event; Majority thought it should be limited to Parish Council and ministry chairs due to COVID-19. Cap at ~100-120 people.
  • School students will be asked to write something/make a card and have the class president or student council president present to Archbishop.


Committee Reports

Administration – Jennifer Vittitoe

  • School update – Margie Reece
  • Fully staffed thanks to retired teachers and parishioners.
  • Happy to report there are very few students in quarantine.
  • PTO – Open positions on PTO; First meeting in September, fundraisers are beginning.
  • School Board – Hosted a successful used uniform sale.
  • Booster Club –Fall sports for primary grade Little Stingers is active; Ballfield active with leagues and tournaments scheduled. Plan to do more open invitations to attract younger families and get more engaged.


Formation Report – Ann Vest

  • PREP started – 30 students. Opening Mass next week.
  • SIS group meeting “Surviving the Holidays” will be on 10/18.
  • Gary Davis will host the “History of the Catholic Church” on 09/20, 09/27 and 10/04.
  • Family Mass/Retreat will be on hold until 11/01.
  • Children’s Church starts 09/12.
  • Bible Study scheduled to start 09/15 and 09/16.
  • Baptism – 3 families. Next one is scheduled in November.
  • Chairs meeting on 09/09.


Service – Susan Hope

  • Sharing and Caring – “Training for Pastoral Care for the Sick” post in The Record: Class is full and looking for a parish to host another. Was asked to pass along to see if St. Athanasius parish would consider hosting this 6-week training class.
  • Sanctity for Life – Walk for Life on 09/18; Baby bottle report in last bulletin (~$2700).
  • Church cleaning – Margaret Durbin will talk with Maintenance to determine who does what.
  • COSA – Going smoothly, no update to report.
  • Boy Scouts – Annual Yard Sale scheduled for 09/11.
  • Linda Vincent moved out of the parish and Susan Hope is looking for assistance to fill her position.
  • Bereavement – Deacon Sam and Sheila King have been stepping in to assist Mary Weurth but will need someone to fill her role. Susan Hope will discuss options with Mary’s husband, Ed.


Worship – Angie Poole

  • Servers – Charlie will be scheduling server training after 09/20. Suggestion included the option to provide training during school hours as well as reach out to PREP kids.
  • First Tuesday (6:30pm) of each month, Fr. Minh will have a Mass with the PREP kids as well as schedule a Family Mass (1pm) one Sunday a month.


Fundraising – Tammy Stout

  • World Tastes of St. A’s – HUGE success! Plan to host another in the future.
  • Bunco Bonanza – 09/26 in gym; Cap on tables due to COVID-19; Share on Facebook. If successful, will schedule seasonally.  Suggestion of alternating BUNCO/BINGO quarterly, although BINGO is more work, more resources.
  • October Fish Fry on 10/08 in memory of Jo Decker. Will be held in-person with drive-thru also available.
  • Patriotic quilt raffle – Men of St. A will be selling $1 tickets at October fish fry. Winner will receive quilt in November on Veterans Day.
  • Casino Night on 11/21; Some meetings have been postponed; Workers are in place. Next meeting is scheduled on 09/13.
  • Holiday Split the Pot – Tickets will be sold November-December. Virtual if needed; An email blast will be sent to those that bought tickets last year.
  • Spring dance scheduled for 03/12.
  • Super Raffle/Mini-Picnic/Dancing in the Dirt – June 2022.


Area Reports – Robert Waddell, Matt Cooper, Margie Reece, Cathy O‘Bryan

  • Nothing to report.


Closing Remarks – Fr. Minh

  • Seeing a lot of kiddos at Mass!
  • TV Screens – Fr. Minh will host a training on how to operate the TVs to broadcast announcements, photos, music, etc.
  • Review St. Athanasius by-laws. Refine and edit if needed, open to suggestions.


Next Meeting – September 28, 2021 @ 6:30pm


Meeting closed with a prayer Fr. Minh