Administrative Staff

Mrs. Kristen Blankenship


Mrs. Brooke Herron

Counseling Services

Mrs. Patrice Payton

Learning Coordinator


Mrs. Deb McCabe

Director of Preschool & After School Care

Mrs. Kim Drury

Preschool Assistant

Mrs. Jackie Randolf

Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Lindsay Newton

Preschool Assistant

Mrs. Stephanie Slayton

Pre-K Assistant

Elementary (K-4)

Ms. Taylor Land


Mrs. Michelle Duvall


Mrs. Kim Hourigan

Kindergarten Assistant

Mrs. Jennifer Hutcherson

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Mary Dyar

1st Grade

Ms. Olivia Brown

1st Grade

Ms. Marideth Simpson

First Grade Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Ellen Burkhardt

2nd Grade

Mrs. Diana Grosshans

2nd Grade

Ms. Gracie Wolfe

3rd Grade

Mrs. Sandy Clark

3rd Grade Assistant

Ms. Hannah Thomas

4th Grade

Middle (5-8)

Mrs. Karen Potts

5-8th Grade Math

Mr. Brian Dubil

5th-8th Social Studies

Mrs. Sarah Norris

5th-8th ELA

Mrs. Angie Poole

5th-8th Religion

Special Area

Mrs. Nicole Hoffmann


Mrs. Susan Johnston


Ms. Ivy Hall


Support Staff

Mrs. Brittany Ernst


Emily Gentry

Office Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Shawn Black

Tuition Assistance

Ms. Stacy McGregor

Cafeteria Manager

Ms. Jacinta Moore

Cafeteria Manager

Mr. Eugene DeJesus

Cafeteria Assistant

Mr. Ron Parr

Director of Maintenence

Mr. Bill Stopinski