Music Curriculum

Music and the arts are critically important to produce well rounded students. Music develops the ability to recall and retain verbal information, boosts Math achievement, boosts reading and English language arts skills, and ultimately increases SAT and ACT scores in the future. Setting a quality foundation in music helps the success of your student.

Grades Kindergarten, First and Second

  • Students work on Orff instrument technique
  • Keeping a steady beat/rhythm
  • Recognizing simple notation and music terms
  • Pitch and diction and building a vocal repetoire
  • Drama, and dramatizing simple songs from vocal literature and children’s literature
  • Present a Christmas Program
  • Seasonal songs

Grades Third, Fourth and Fifth

  • More advanced Orff instrument technique
  • Following a choral copy
  • Music reading skill
  • Singing partner songs and simple harmony
  • Pitch, rhythm, and music notation
  • Developing a vocal repetoire including many styles of music
  • Multicultural music
  • Songs and musicals that enforce other areas of study such as the solar system, math facts, the rain forest, KY history etc.
  • Hand bell technique
  • Seasonal songs

Grades Sixth, Seventh and Eighth

  • Recorder playing as well as Orff instrument technique
  • Instruments of the orchestra
  • Stomp Out Loud
  • The history of Rock & Roll
  • Music Composition
  • Vocal repetoire of many styles of music
  • Assessing musical performances
  • Dance styles
  • World drumning method
  • Drama & auditioning