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Dear Parishioners of Saint Athanasius,

In the last three months, we have grievingly said goodbye to several longtime and dedicated parishioners, who helped to give birth to the parish of Saint Athanasius parish. Among them was Robert Anthony “Bob” Bramer, the one who until the end of his life, always kept his heart, his mind, and his hands busy, offering his time, talent and treasure to strengthen this parish. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2021, I was invited to the Bramer home to assist his wife Sherry and her family with funeral arrangements.  Her son presented me with a large plastic box, containing paperwork, and numerous other items Mr. Bramer stored in the trunk of his car. I decided to name it, ‘The Stewardship Container’, in part because every single item in that box said something about Mr. Bramer’s involvement at Saint Athanasius, and also because there was a cloth bag with the slogan, “Stewardship is What We Do, After We Say We Believe.” 

I was so inspired and immediately wondered if Mr. Bramer wanted you and me to consider those words as his will for our parish. I wonder if he was trying to encourage each member of Saint Athanasius to think of ways to keep caring about the legacy that he and many others have dedicated their entire life to build up. I wonder if he was trying to challenge each of us to discover and respond to our stewardship calling and make Saint Athanasius even greater than it is now. 

For that reason, I would like to invite each one of you during this Lenten Season, to ask yourself this question, “What Can I Do To Make Saint Athanasius A Better Place?” then please fill out and turn in the Stewardship form either by paper or via the St. Athanasius website ( before April 30th 2021.  If you have any questions, please call the Parish Office at (502) 969-3332.

Remember this, Mr. Bramer would not desire any credit for what he has accomplished for our parish, but obviously, he has left us with a substantial foundation. Now, it is our turn to build upon what our founding members have started. 


Father Minh Dinh Vu

Pastor of Saint Athanasius Parish

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