Philosophy of St. Athanasius School

St. Athanasius School, in partnership with parents, provides and develops the spiritual, intellectual, moral, emotional, and physical growth of our students. Our education is centered around the Catholic faith and tradition.

Core Values

  • Fostering Community
  • Celebrating Tradition
  • Discovering Giftedness
  • Embracing Accountability
  • Growing in the Spirit


As stewards of Catholic education, St. Athanasius School is committed to challenging students to embrace diversity as active Co-workers in the Vineyard of Christ. Christian values are instilled in students so to live a Christ-centered life of faith and service to all. We are also committed to ensuring learning in student-centered classrooms where technology is utilized as a tool for success.

Mission Statement

St. Athanasius School fosters Catholic values and morals, provides a quality education to diverse learners and encourages our students to live the Mission of Christ in an ever-changing world.


  1. To form a Catholic Christian community of students, faculty, parents and others related to the school characterized by faith in the mission and promises of Jesus Christ, by mutual fairness and concern and by a desire for learning and service.
  2. To provide an organized program of quality religious education involving studies, worship, and service which invites our students to an informed faith, active participation, and to an awareness of current changes, growth, and development of the Catholic Church.
  3. To provide high quality academic programs conducted to help each student achieve to the best of his ability.
  4. To employ quality, certified teachers.
  5. To provide state approved and accredited curriculum.
  6. To encourage personal responsibility, initiative, and leadership geared to the student’s age/maturity level, as well as high academic and behavioral expectations.
  7. To foster an understanding of the interdependence of people of the world by providing civic, patriotic, and global programs throughout the school year.
  8. To make the study of our Catholic faith top priority in the student’s school day by experiences of Eucharist, Scripture and Religious studies and Prayer.