Library Curriculum

The St. Athanasius library program is designed to enrich students by exposing them to many different books and authors. Students are read to and participate in author and genre studies. Students in grades K-6 are required to check out at least one book a week. (Kindergarten starts checkout after first conference.)

Research skills including note taking, organization, evaluation of information, and presentation methods and techniques are also covered in our library program. These skills are taught as part of collaborative projects assigned by the teachers.

While in the library, students are expected to show respect for others. They are expected to be quiet and attentive when another is speaking. Quiet talking is allowed while students are looking for and checking out books and during some activities. I prefer to celebrate students’ good behavior through compliments, stickers, and/or stamps. When this is ineffective, a warning and occasionally, short time-outs are usually effective. Only when a problem persists or is serious will light changes or demerits be earned.

Failure to return a book on time results in an overdue notice and withdrawal of the privilege of checking out books until the overdue item is returned or paid for. Repeated failure to return an item results in the above and a letter to parents requesting the item or its replacement cost. If an item is still overdue at the end of the school year, the child’s progress report will be withheld until the item or replacement cost is sent to school.