Afterglow of the Eucharist
Prayer Ministers.  They give parishioners the opportunity to receive personal prayer and deepen the graces of Holy Communion immediately following Saturday and Sunday masses.  For more information contact Mary Lynne Fritsch at 502-239-0208 (home) or

Art and Environment Church Decorations
This group works to enhance liturgical celebrations by creating a prayerful and inviting workspace. Your time and talent are welcome for areas such as floral arranging, carpentry, or general upkeep of linens and vestments.  For more information contact Carolyn Linton at 502-554-3394 or

Children’s Choir
We offer opportunities for youth to share their musical talents at school masses by singing or playing an instrument.  For more information contact Debbie Sandler at 502-744-8865 or

Eucharistic Ministers
Adults, 18 or older are invited to assist in the distribution of the Eucharist both at liturgies and to the homebound. You must have received the sacraments of initiation and the orientation to be commissioned. Confirmed youth may also be eligible.  For more information contact Sheila King at 502-599-2388 or

Homebound Communion
A group of dedicated parish members who, after mass, will visit and bring communion to the homebound or ill parishioners unable to attend Sunday Liturgy.  For more information contact Sam King at 502-599-2388 or

Ushers, Greeters and Gift Bearers.  These ministers greet parish members, welcome visitors, assist with needs, and act as ushers for offertory and communion.  Gift Bearers are voluntary members from the congregation to present our gifts to the Lord at the Liturgy.  For more information contact Mary Dawson at 502-751-0287 or

Lectors must have a clear speaking voice, a good understanding of the message being proclaimed, and be comfortable speaking in front of a group. Orientation and training are required.  For more information contact Lynore Yates at 502-296-2762 or

Liturgy Planning
Liturgy planning involves writing intercessions for Sunday, Holy Day, and seasonal liturgies.  For more information contact Suzanne Bischoff at 502-744-2353 or

Music Ministry
We offer opportunities for adults and youth to share their musical talent with the parish by singing or playing an instrument. Choirs are available for weekend as well as funeral liturgies. For more information contact Debbie Sandler at 502-744-8865 or

Prayer Team
The prayer team ministry prays for all requests placed in the Prayer Box in the vestibule, along with prayers requested by phone and in person.  We also pray in thanksgiving for answered prayers.  For more information contact Mike or Fran Clark at

Altar Servers (Adult and Youth)
Girls or boys, grade 4-8 (or adults) are invited and trained to become a server for weekend, school, or funeral liturgies.  For more information contact Charlie Eppinghoff at 502-802-6452 or

Worship Committee
The purpose of the worship committee is to coordinate all liturgical celebrations and nurture the faith development of the community.  For more information contact Suzanne Bischoff at 502-744-2353 or