Booster Club
This group sponsors all the sports programs we offer. They promote Christian sportsmanship and support athletics through coaching and fundraising.
Tammy Higgins /

Finance Committee
The finance committee budgets and audits all financial policies and procedures of parish resources.

Fundraising Committee
This is an elected position which provides financial leadership, parish governance, policy formation and planning.

Parish Council
This is an elected position which provides spiritual leadership, parish governance, policy formation and planning.

Parish Hall Committee
This committee oversees the booking and facilitation of events scheduled, such as receptions, dances, meetings, and sports practices.

Safe cares for students in Pre-k through grade 6 after school by providing them with a safe, Christian environment.

P.T.O. (Parent-Teacher Organization)
The PTO supports St A students, staff, and parents by hosting school related activities, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising events.  The PTO provides resources to the school through teacher grants and student scholarships and works to foster communication in the school community and with parish organizations.
Alexis Sparks – 502-594-6313

St. Athanasius School Board
The school board guides the school in teaching Catholic Christian values and morals so our students are prepared to live the faith in the global and technological society of the 21st century.
Molly Schurfranz 502-553-2788

St. Athanasius School
The school prepares our students to live their faith in an ever-changing world by teaching values and morals within a Catholic environment.
Kristen Blakenship

Stewardship Committee
The Stewardship Committee coordinates ongoing programs to help parish members become better stewards of the gifts God has given us through time, talent, and treasure.