Take Part in the Miracle of Multiplication

Dear Parishioners of Saint Athanasius,

In the last five Fridays, our Booster Club offered the drive-thru Fish Fry here at Saint Athanasius for those who wanted to preserve the practice of fasting during Lent. At every service, people really enjoyed watching a handful of our kids diligently running back and forth helping to deliver food to their cars.

Among those kids were Cameron Webb and MaKayla Paulin, whom I think have given us a perfect example of how to practice our stewardship callings: instead of staying at home and playing video games, they came in and served for two hours.  TIME; they were too small to do any heavy work but strong and fast enough to deliver food to peoples cars.  TALENT; surprisingly, in the end, they donated their tips back to the parish.  TREASURE; they reminded me of the miracle of feeding the multitude in the Gospel of John (6:1-15) where Jesus satisfied more than five thousand hungry people with just five barley loaves and two small fish, a small meal that a little boy selflessly gave up.

I believe if every member of Saint Athanasius Parish dares to humbly offer to the Lord some of the little time, talent, and treasure as were done by the boy in the Gospel and by Cameron and Makayla, we will see miracles happen again. For that reason, as we are heading up to our Stewardship Weekend taking place on April 10th & 11th, I would like to invite each family:

  1. Set sometimes to sit down together
  2. Place the Stewardship Form in front of you
  3. Pray together and ask the Lord this question, “Dear Lord, how much time, talent, and treasure do you want us to contribute to our parish this year?”

Stewardship forms have been mailed to all Parish families, and it can also be located on our website, www.saintathanasiuslouisville.com.

Thank you very much for all the generous contributions that you and your family have made and are going to make. May the Lord bless each one of you abundantly in return. And I wish you all a Happy Easter!


Sincerely in the Risen Christ

Father Minh Dinh Vu

Pastor of Saint Athanasius Parish