Fifth Grade Curriculum

In the fifth and sixth grades, students continue to build and develop the skills and concepts from the earlier grades. Higher level reading comprehension, vocabulary development, thinking skills, spelling, and writing and grammar skills; mathematical and scientific skills and faith growth are developed.

Subjects Taught:

  • Religion
  • Math
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • English
  • Social Studies

Special Topics:

Scripture, Advent and Lent, The Church, Sacraments, Mysteries of the Rosary, Decimals, Fractions, Rounding/Estimation, Algebraic Equations, Integers, Measurement and Geometry, Ratio and Percentages, Earth Science, Systems, Matter, Energy and Motion, Indians, The Revolution, Colonies, The Constitution, Pioneers, Poetry, Fiction/Nonfiction, and numerous reading topics.

Technology Integration is an emphasis in science, social studies and language arts.


Special Events:

  • Weekly Masses
  • DARE
  • Guest speakers
  • Stage One Productions
  • Holiday Parties
  • Louisville Zoo
  • Louisville Water Company
  • Belle of Louisville


Grading is based upon chapter tests, hands-on unit projects, and daily quick checks/quizzes

Discipline Policy:

The fifth grade provides rewards for those students who show a good sense of responsibility both in their work and their behavior. Rewards for good behavior and completion of assignments include stamps, stickers, spirit days, free time and special treats. Students do maintain a system of tracking positive behavior. After infractions, the students will receive a demerit and a behavior form will be sent home that day. A detention is issued after three demerits.