School Board

The parish school board consists of nine members in addition to the pastor, principal and teacher representative. Each member of the board serves a term of three (3) years, with an option to serve an additional term by request of the current board. The board’s responsibilities are in policy matters. The board is not responsible for administration or the details of administration. The board is consultative in the following sense: The members cannot act apart from the administrative team and cannot make decisions binding for the parish education program without the approval of the administrative team. In addition, the board is expected to function within the policies of the archdiocese. The areas in which the board will be consulted are:

  1. Planning (establishing a mission statement, goals, future plans)
  2. Policy development (formulating policies that give general direction for administrative action)
  3. Financing (including budgeting and policies for financial management)
  4. Development (including public relations and marketing)
  5. Recommendation of the selection/appointment of the principal through search committee
  6. Major curriculum changes, especially in the area of religious education