Receiving Jesus

• What does receiving Jesus in the sacrament of Holy Communion mean to you?

What impact has receiving Jesus in the sacrament had on your life?

• How has Eucharistic Adoration changed you and/or your world?

• When has receiving Jesus in Holy Communion been particularly meaningful to you, and what made that occasion so special?

In this year of Eucharistic Revival, the parish of St. Athanasius is creating a booklet of personal testimonies written by parishioners about the power and beauty of receiving Jesus in Holy Communion. We are asking any and all parishioners, high school age and older, to write a paragraph or two (not to exceed 250 words) in response to one of the above questions and submit it to the Director of Formation, Debbie Minton, at, no later than April 30, 2024.

We hope to be able to compile and distribute the booklets (free of charge, of course) by the end of May. The goal of this labor of love is simply to be encouraged by the faith and experiences of one another.

Submissions can be handwritten or typed. If typed, please use the email address provided. We encourage you to include your name with your submission, but anonymous submissions are also welcome.